Board of Directors

John Cockburn, Chief Executive Officer

John Cockburn began his financial services career in 1982 with CCF, now part of the HSBC Group and progressed to a VP position with Barclays prior to leaving to create a hedge fund for Credit Lyonnais.  In 1997 he joined Cantor Fitzgerald in Toronto, Ontario before moving to Victoria, British Columbia in 2003.  Mr. Cockburn co-founded Payline Financial in January of 2005 and has been instrumental in its growth to date.

Mr. Cockburn is actively involved in the operations of Payline by ICE in both a leadership capacity as well as playing a significant role in our treasury operations.  With a comprehensive understanding of foreign exchange markets, he brings tremendous value to clients by being able to provide contextual information around currency fluctuations and work with them to make solid decisions to address their needs.

Shamir Desai, Chairman of the Board

For more than three decades, Shamir Desai has developed an international reputation as a leader and industry specialist.

Mr. Desai’s professional career has spanned all areas of the foreign exchange and financial industries, bringing a lifetime of experience to Payline by ICE.

As Director of Canadian ICE International Currency Exchange Operations, Mr. Desai is an innovative and strategic leader. Known for his ability to identify, plan and execute business development opportunities while building focused, high performance teams, he is an integral element of Payline by ICE.

Dan Northam, Secretary

With close to 40 years experience in the financial and foreign exchange industries, Dan Northam brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to Payline by ICE.  Nearly 25 years service with Royal Bank of Canada gave Mr. Northam a unique grasp of the Canadian financial services industry that has proven invaluable in the knowledge he can impart for both ICE and Payline by ICE.

As Vice-President, North America of ICE International Currency Exchange, Mr. Northam takes on many leadership roles. His focus on Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and Human Resources combines well with an outstanding track record in the financial services sectors.

Paul Rechner, President

Working in a variety of roles in the Canadian corporate foreign exchange industry for the past 10 years, Paul Rechner has brought to Payline by ICE a vision for growth and expansion while holding firm to our primary tenets of ethical business practices and customer service.  Mr. Rechner is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business with a focus on developing key partnerships for Payline by ICE, brand management, and working with our account managers to ensure that they're empowered to offer first rate service to our clientele.

Mr. Rechner is a proud alumnus of the University of Alberta and is passionate about discussing foreign exchange markets and working with clients to craft solutions tailored to their international business needs.

Steve Clark, Advisor to the Board

An experienced entrepreneur, Steve Clark has provided a valuable sounding board for Payline by ICE and serves as an advisor to the board of directors with regard to strategic direction.  Among his successful ventures in the past are Money Mart and Cashline, a privatized ATM company which he sold in 2010.  Currently, Steve owns and operates Carlton House, a retirement home in Victoria, as well as Company Capital Inc, a small business loan alternative (  His insight and business mind often prove invaluable when plotting corporate direction.

Our level of expertise and industry expertise allows Payline to provide its clients with rapid innovative solutions for all their foreign exchange and international payments.