Payline offers clients access to our secure, web-based trading and payments platform at no additional cost. Need to buy Euros and send to a vendor in Italy? Need to pay an invoice in USD to get a shipment moving? Perhaps you just want to top up your USD account for spending the winter down south? You can buy the currency online, input the payment instructions or select from previously paid vendors - all from the comfort of your own desktop. Here are several of the time-saving benefits:

  • Live exchange rate quotes that can be executed at the click of a button.
  • No need for standing in bank lineups.
  • Around the clock access to receipts and records of your transaction history.
  • Make transactions at your convenience, with instantaneous results.
  • Time-saving batch payment function makes paying multiple vendors simple and easy.
Our level of expertise and industry expertise allows Payline to provide its clients with rapid innovative solutions for all their foreign exchange and international payments.